Wood Care and prober treatment

The Products

Wood is an organic material and is therefore susceptible to the surroundings. Heat can dry out the wood. Excessive light can change the colour of the wood. And dampness can change the shape of the wood and damage it if exposed to dampness for a long time.

The wood can dry out or get damp on one side. This may be why your cutting board starts getting warped. The side of the wood which is exposed to damp expands and get bigger than the dry side. This happens if the board lies on the same side on the kitchen table for a long time.

You therefore have to turn the board regularly or let it lean against a wall to allow the board to dry out on both sides simultaneously.

A wooden cutting board should not be put in the dishwasher or immersed in water for too long.


Surface treatment (For products used inside)

Most products are untreated. Cutting boards are washed with ordinary dish soap and will after some time get a whitewashed appearance. Place the board in an upright position allowing both sides to dry. Cutting boards can be treated with thin cooking oil or with mineral oil (which can be used with food products). You can use grape seed oil, walnut oil or coconut oil. The coconut oil is a good colour neutral alternative to other oils.  Using too much organic oil can result in the board becoming rancid. This does not happen with mineral oil.


Furniture and unique products are often treated with cellulose lacquer to ensure long durability and finish but some products are also oil treated.


Surface Treatment (For Outside Products)

Some products intended for outdoor use do not need treatment. Oak is especially suitable but other wood types can also last for many years if they are kept inside during very wet periods.

Bird feeders and nest boxes can be painted or oil treated but the products will last for many years without treatment. If left untreated they will get a natural look and will blend ind with the surroundings. Untreated products can be composted or burnt without problems when they are worn out.