Sustainable Products!

Sustainable Production is a Prerequisite for Sustainable Products!

Decisive factors in relation to sustainable products are: Low energy consumption, local production, short transport time, recycling of residues, life time, and recycling at the end of the product’s life, and that the raw materials are produced in an environmentally responsible way.

At the same time, rational production is a prerequisite for manufacturing sustainable and competitive products. This can only be achieved through  targeted design development.

The wood used for the design products of Tyge Axel Holm comes straight from the Bornholm forests to his sawmill, where it is cut in dimensions suitable for the various designs. The wood is air dried and later cut up again before the final drying in the workshop. 

Contrary to many other industrially produced wood products which are dried in ovens - adding to the Co2 cost - the wood for our production is air dried. This means that we do not affect the environment and climate.

Air drying of wood also has the effect that the wood gets a more varied and natural appearance which we make full use of in our design.

In our production we use a number of wood types which are uncommon in the industry due to short supply. Therefore many of the products are rare. The wood waste is used for Co2 neutral heating and the shavings are used as soil cover for our ecological vegetable production. Relatively few different objects and dimensions are used in the design, but the creative process results in many different products. The few metal parts used in the products are primarily made of stainless steel and all parts can be reused as new parts. The glue and surface treatment used is safe for humans and for the environment. Most of our products have not been surface treated and can be disposed of or reused without environmental consequences.