We are often contacted, with inquiries about apprenticeships, internships and ordinary jobs.
Longer training courses are currently not possible in the company.
We regularly have volunteers and people in company internships, as there is great interest in our work with sublime craftsmanship, design and sustainability.
In order to be considered for an internship, it is important that you have made it clear whether you agree and are interested in the values ​​the company stands for. You can find the company's values ​​by reading our website closely.
The employees in the company work with all tasks depending on what education and experience base they individually possess. It is not necessary to be skilled, we look at the whole and take as our starting point what exactly you can contribute.
It is important that employees and trainees are committed, curious and interested in innovation and gathering knowledge in the company's fields of work.
All employees are hourly paid, which means that working hours are fluid. In other words, it is agreed with the individual which working conditions are optimal for the employee and the company.

 At the moment we do not accept interns, apprentices and employees


Are you a really skilled cabinetmaker and or designer with great knowledge and interest in creating and manufacture products in wood, you may be the company's future partner. If you are also interested in developing and lifting the company further, let us hear from you. Read our website carefully and consider if this is the way you should go. and then Write a little about yourself and send it to us. We will take contacts if it is relevant.